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FAQs - Medical


  1. I am an SBCC enrolled student and I have paid my student health fee. Does this mean I now have insurance?
    The student health fee covers many services in our health services office including personal counseling and many medical services. This website explains all of our services. The fee does not pay for insurance. We have information in the office about individual health and dental insurance that you can purchase for yourself.

  2. What will happen when I come in for an appointment?
    If you are new to Student Health Services you will fill out some paperwork, and then you will be evaluated by one of our registered nurses. Many common health concerns can be addressed by the nurses. If you need to see our physician assistant or nurse practitioner the nurse will put you in to see the clinician right away or will schedule you an appointment for a later time or day.

  3. Will I have to pay for anything when I come for an appointment?
    Students pay a nominal fee for lab testing, medications and some immunizations. All fees are due at time of service (payable by check, cash or card). Appointments in the health center are free.

  4. Will my teachers know that I have been seen at Student Health Services?
    No, services at Student Health Services are confidential.

  5. Are my medical records a part of my college records in admissions?
    No, your medical records are kept strictly confidential in the Health Services office. We are legally required to keep them for seven years and then we shred them.

  6. Can I make an appointment directly with the physician assistant, doctor or the nurse practitioner?
    No, every student is first evaluated by a registered nurse unless the clinician has made a follow-up appointment for a student.

  7. Who should I talk to with questions about your personal counseling services?
    First look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" listed on the personal counseling page on this website.

  8. Can I see a nurse or clinician as many times as I need during my time at SBCC or is there a limit to the number of times I can see someone?
    As long as you are an enrolled student, you can see a nurse or clinician whenever you need to see them. There is no limit to the number of times that you can be seen.

  9. I am an on-line student. Can I come into Student Health Services for care?
    Yes, On-line students pay the student health fee and qualify for services at Student Health Services.

  10. Do you offer dental services?
    We do not offer dental services, but we will refer you to low-cost providers in the community or you can call 1-800-DENTIST for referrals.

  11. Will you have my Planned Parenthood records in the Student Health Center?
    No, Planned Parenthood has completely separate records that are maintained by Planned Parenthood in their Garden Street facility.

  12. Do you fill prescriptions for my current medications?
    We do not refill your current medications from another provider. We prescribe and dispense medications for conditions that our clinicians diagnose in the Student Health Center.

  13. Can I get a complete physical exam through Student Health Services?
    No, we do not provide complete physical exams.

  14. Can you help me manage my chronic medical problem (diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, etc.)?
    We are not a primary care provider and do not manage chronic medical conditions. We will refer you to providers in the community who provide primary care.

  15. Can I get an x-ray at the health center?
    We do not provide x-rays at the health center. The registered nurse or clinician will refer you to a community clinic that provides x-rays if it is necessary.

  16. If I have a sprained ankle can I be seen at Student Health Services?
    Yes, our staff can evaluate you and we have ace bandages, crutches that we can loan, and information on self care for sprained ankles.



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