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Medical Office Visits are Same-Day and by Appointment

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The Neighborhood Clinics offers Sexual Health Services
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Nurse and Medical Provider Clinic

Nurses can provide first aid treatment, illness assessment with development of an individual self-care plan and health and wellness education. If the nurse determines that you should see an advanced medical provider (doctor or nurse practitioner) an appointment will be made with the SBCC provider or a referral can be made to a local medical clinic. Drop in for a nursing assessment or call the office, 965-0581 x2298, for an appointment.

Medical provider appointments are made after an initial assessment by one of the health center nurses. SBCC medical provider services are limited to basic visits, assessment and treatment of short term/acute illness and minor or uncomplicated medical problems. Low cost prescription and home care instructions are available. Referrals to community agencies will be provided for any presenting issue beyond the scope of the SBCC health center medical provider.

Medical provider visits are free of charge to students currently enrolled at SBCC. A current student ID card is required. Prescription medication and lab tests have a nominal fee and will be charged to the student.

Some services requiring outside referral include: routine physical examinations, chronic disease management, extensive diagnostic tests (lab or x-ray), more complicated assessments / treatments, physical/respiratory therapy or other invasive procedures/exams.

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Over-the-Counter Medication

• Single doses of commonly used over the counter medicines.

• Band-Aids, condoms and feminine products also available.

The Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics offer Sexual Health Services

Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics are on campus and provide services to enrolled SBCC students. They're services are funded by the state of California Family PACT program. There are income eligibility requirements and a small amount of paperwork to fill out before your appointment. Sexual Health Clinic hours are Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 - 12:00p.m. during Fall and Spring semesters.  Appointments are advised but walk-ins are seen whenever possible. During Summer months the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics are on campus Wednesday mornings.  See the websites below.  Make your sexual health a priority!

Services for women include:

• Hormonal birth control without a pelvic exam

• STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) testing and treatment

• Pregnancy Testing

• Condoms

• Emergency Contraception ("Plan B") for patients over 18 yrs (available any day our clinic is open).

Plan B – Emergency Contraception:

Plan B (also known as the morning after pill) can be obtained at the health center during regular clinic hours. Plan B can help prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex and is most effective if taken within 72 hours. Students will be assessed for health history risk factors and pregnancy and will be charged a small fee for the medication. Click here for more information on Plan B.

Services for men include:

• Condoms

• STI testing and treatments

• Information counseling and referrals

Call (805) 965-0581 x 2298 or stop by the office (Student Services 170) to make an appointment. There is a small amount of paperwork to be completed. Walk-ins are seen whenever possible.

You can find more information about Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics on their website:  

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Shots and Vaccines

We offer tuberculosis skin tests and seasonal flu vaccines (during appropriate months) at low cost.

Vaccinations for College Students
You're NEVER too old to get immunized!

Feel free to contact us or stop by to receive more information on these vaccines. We can refer you to an inexpensive place in the community!

Click HERE or on any of the listed vaccines for a table with information about these and more vaccines!


Health Screenings

• Blood pressure

• Height & weight

• Tuberculosis test

Community Referrals


Information regarding various community agencies is available. Referrals will be made as needed. Many agencies provide a student discount.


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Dental Services:  Dr. Doran Z. Dobranszky, D.D.S. is offering dental services at discount prices for SBCC students who do not have dental insurance. For a list of prices please stop by Student Health or the International Student Office.  The dentists' office is located at 5901 Encina Road, Suite C-1, in Goleta. To make an appointment please call (805) 967-5671.

Campus Accident Insurance Coverage

SBCC offers a secondary insurance policy to cover students for accidental injuries that occur in class or college sponsored activities. Accidents must be reported to the Student Health Services office (SS-170) within 72 hours. Students must first submit claims to their private primary insurance. There is a $50 deductible on claims. For full information on this coverage, bulletins are available at the Student Health Services office (SS-170).

Affordable Care Act                     

Covered California

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