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SLO Coordinating Committee

The SLO Coordinating Committee will provide leadership and guidance to the District on all aspects of student learning outcomes. It will be an Educational Programs committee. The committee will inform and support the Committee on Teaching and Learning, the Faculty Professional Development Committee, and the Curriculum Advisory Committee. The committee will meet a minimum of four times per year. Committee established 2014-2015.


1 Executive Vice President Pamela Ralston

1 Dean, Educational Programs (co-chair) Kenley Neufeld

1 SLO Coordinator (co-chair) Michael Robinson

1 Senior Director, Institutional Assessment, Research and Planning Z Reisz

1 Academic Senate President Patricia Stark

3 Credit Faculty Pat Frank, Kathy O’Connor, Elizabeth Imhof

1 Noncredit Faculty Patricia Sherman

3 Student Support Services Vandana Gavaskar, Jana Garnett, Kimberly Taylor

1 Student Senate Representative

1 Curriculum Coordinator (Resource) Kaylene Thomas


 Analyze the student performance data for each of the ISLOs and support the development of strategies for improving student attainment of the ISLOs.

 Advise the SLO Coordinator and the co-directors of the Faculty Resource Center on workshops, training and other forms of assistance to provide to faculty on writing and effectively using rubrics and course improvement plans (CIPs) in their courses and programs.

 Involve major resource/policy committees in the SLO Completion Cycle such as the Academic Senate, the Student Services Leadership Team, the Deans Council, the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, and the College Planning

 Review, evaluate and recommend improvements for the College's SLO task completion process.

2019-2020 MEETING DATES 

Thursday September 12, 2019

Thursday October 10, 2018

Thursday November 14, 2018

Thursday December 12, 2018

Thursday January 9, 2019

Thursday February 13, 2019

Thursday March 12, 2019

Thursday April 9, 2019

Thursday May 14, 2019 

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