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The following information is intended to provide you with general information on studying abroad.

Q: What types of programs are available through SBCC?
A: SBCC offers short (summer, winter intersession, and/or spring break) programs and semester programs on an ongoing basis. Semester programs are typically 12 - 16 weeks long. Short programs vary from 2 - 5 weeks in length.

Q: Which program destinations are offered by SBCC?
 SBCC has been offering programs in more than 20 different countries, including England, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Vietnam, Russia, New Zealand, Cuba, India, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Turkey, and Thailand. Program offerings vary from year to year to ensure program variety. Please refer to the programs page for a list of current program offerings. 

Q: How much does it cost to study abroad?
A: Program costs vary from program to program, depending on the program location, duration, and other variables. Semester programs can range anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 which typically includes housing and all required field trips.

Short-term programs vary from $1,900 - $4,500.

Round-trip air-fare, registration and books, travel insurance, food, and personal expenses are typically not included in the program price but that depends on the individual program. Check with the Study Abroad office staff or visit the program page under "Program Cost" to find out details on what is inlcuded in the program price.

Q: Is financial aid available for study abroad programs?
A: Yes, students who qualify for financial aid can usually apply their financial aid to study abroad. Sometimes, a student's need may increase while studying abroad due to added travel expenses, and the financial aid award may slightly increase. Contact your Financial Aid counselor as soon as possible to find out more about Financial Aid and to complete your Financial Aid application.

Q: Are there any scholarships available for study abroad?
A: The Study Abroad program and the SBCC Foundation have established various scholarships for study abroad programs ranging from $300 to $2,500 per scholarship award. Applications are online at  In addition there are many other sources for scholarships. Visit our Financial Aid/ Scholarships page for helpful respources.

In addition to the study abroad scholarships, some departmental scholarships may be available for certain majors. Check with the department chair of your discipline.

Q: How do I know which program is right for me?
A: To find out which study abroad program is appropriate for you, it is advisable that you attend program information meetings which provide you with the opportunity to receive detailed information about the type of program, curriculum, program director, excursions, living conditions abroad, and much more. You should also talk to an academic counselor to ensure that the coursework offered on the program fits your academic plan. Finally, you should choose a program destination that is appealing or intriguing to you.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in SBCC study abroad programs.
A: On our summer programs, any graduate from an accredited high school and any other person who can reasonably profit from instruction is eligible to apply. Participants must be 18 years or older on the departure date.

Semester program applicants must have completed a minimum of 12 semester units (total) with a GPA of 2.5 or higher by the end of the semester prior to studying abroad. In addition, program applicants must have completed English 110 (Freshman Composition with a "C" or higher). Students do not have to be declared majors in the field they will be studying abroad and there is no language prerequisite. Participants must be 18 years or older on the departure date.

Q: Are the courses offered on study abroad programs transferable?
A: Usually all of the courses offered on our Study Abroad programs are UC/CSU transferable. Please check with your academic counselor for possible exceptions. There are also some conversational language classes which might only be transferable to CSU.

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