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Other Information For Drivers

THEFT – Although it is rare, there is a risk of the theft of items left in the car. Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to carry any valuables in the car with them when they leave the parking lot. If this is not possible it is strongly encouraged that items of value such as laptops, CDs, and jewelry, or even bags which might contain valuable items, be placed in a glove box, under a seat, or otherwise out of sight of potential thieves. Crimes of opportunity do occur. To decrease the possibility of becoming a victim the best protection is to remove valuables from sight.

CAR ALARMS – While SBCC supports your right to protect your car by using a car alarm, you should be aware that many complaints are logged due to classes being disrupted by car alarms going off needlessly. Operators of vehicles with alarm systems may want to lower the sensitivity of their alarms to reduce noise levels.

CAR SAFETY TIPS – Check out Campus Security's Campus Safety Tips including information on Personal Safety, Car Safety, and What to Do in an Emergency

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