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Life Fitness Center FAQs


The Life Fitness Center is a fitness education classroom located on the Santa Barbara City College campus. The Life Fitness Program and other Physical Education classes offered in the Life Fitness Center are part of the Physical Education Department and the credit division of Santa Barbara City College. Students receive academic credit for the successful completion of any of the courses offered in the department. [ top ]

How can I use the Life Fitness Center if I am a community member and not a student? [ top ]

The credit division of Santa Barbara City College is open to all people who are interested in taking advantage of the college curriculum and earning academic credit.  Follow the online enrollment and registration instructions at: [ top ]

Do I have to enroll for a Life Fitness Program class at the beginning of the semester or can I enroll after the start of the semester?  [ top ]

Students can add any of the Life Fitness Center courses up until the courses close for the semester which varies by enrollment availability. However, if you enroll and/or begin your class after the start of the semester, you must still complete all of the course requirements in order to earn credit for the class, you just have less time to complete the course requirements. [ top ]

I'm a full-time SBCC staff member (certificated or classified) and I'd like to use the Life Fitness Center to exercise. Is this possible?  [ top ]

Yes, and it's encouraged! As a full-time SBCC employee you are eligible to participate in the SBCC Employee Wellness Program.  Please see: for program and enrollment details.  SBCC full-time staff can enroll one Physical Education course (free!) per semester. Please be advised, that class attendance policies apply to SBCC staff also...if you don't attend, you get dropped! [ top ]

The courses in the Life Fitness Program are open lab classes...what does that mean?

"Open Lab" means you work through the course curriculum during the open lab hours of the Life Fitness Center. While the class is open lab and provides more scheduling flexibility for students, there are minimum attendance and curriculum requirements in order to maintain your course enrollment. Open lab does not mean that you can enroll for the class and then leave all your work for the end of the semester. Once you enroll, you must begin to work on the course curriculum.  See below for important guidelines and deadlines:

1) Go to the Life Fitness Center (during the open lab hours) and get the class syllabus for your course.

2) Go to the campus bookstore and purchase the Life Fitness Center Student Educational Manual and lanyard (ID card holder).

3) Complete the mandatory orientation (if you are a new student).Get the orientation information when you pick up your class syllabus. READ THE SYLLABUS!

4) Complete your Goal sheet and review it with a course instructor...if you want to get results and make progress, you've got to have direction.

5) Complete 1-4 hours of workout time (depending on your course).

6) Get all this done within the first week of enrollment!

[ top ]

Why do I need to purchase a textbook and do an orientation? I already know how to exercise?

The Life Fitness Program is a fitness education program consisting of a variety of courses designed to improve your knowledge of physical fitness. It is our hope that you will be exposed to and learn, not only how to exercise properly, but why exercise is so important to the quality and longevity of your life. We hope that through the Life Fitness Program and its instructors, you can add new tools and knowledge to your fitness "toolbox".  [ top ]

The Life Fitness Program requires you to complete an orientation to the program, so that you can be aware of three things:1) Why the Life Fitness Program exists and the goals of the Life Fitness Program, 2) the rules and regulations of the Life Fitness Center, and 3) to review your health/medical history so that your exercise programming can be done safely and effectively. The Life Fitness Program has approximately 2000 students each semester;  the orientation allows students to understand what is expected of them as participants in the program.

Do I need to do the orientation every semester if I continue to participate in the Life Fitness Program?

No, the orientation only needs to be completed one time. Each semester we ask continuing student to review and update their enrollment forms. [ top ]

Can I just use someone else's textbook for any Life Fitness Program open lab class?

No, there are several forms in the textbook (e.g. PAR-Q, waiver, etc.) that can only be completed with a new book. Each new student is required to submit these forms, so you'll need your own book. [ top ]

What is the attendance policy for the Life Fitness Program open lab classes?

Like any Physical Education activity class, consistent attendance is required. If you are in a one unit class you should plan on spending 3-4 hours per week engaged in course activity. If you are in a half-unit class, you should plan on 1-2 hours per week. But remember, the later you enroll and begin your program, the more hours per week you'll need to do in order to meet the course attendance requirements.
[ top ]

Once I'm enrolled in a Life Fitness Program open lab class, could I ever be dropped from the class and lose my opportunity to use the Life Fitness Center?

Yes, students are dropped for non-attendance - if you do not complete the required class attendance hours, you will be dropped from the course. Also, students who do not comply with the facility rules can be suspended or dropped from the course. [ top ]

I signed up for a one unit Life Fitness Program class, but am having difficulty meeting the attendance hours, can I transfer to a half-unit class?

Yes, students can transfer from a one unit class (PE 149 for example) to a half-unit class (PE 179). The transfer must be done PRIOR to the end of the 5th week of the semester. If you choose to transfer, you must notify the Life Fitness Program Director of your transfer. We will manually transfer your hours of attendance (the computer doesn't do this).  [ top ]

What is the Moodle website? Is this where I take my class quizzes and submit written work?

The Life Fitness Program uses a course management website (Moodle) where students can find and submit student goal forms, course quizzes, workout journals, nutrition management activities, Life Fitness Program Lecture Series listings and assignment sheets, student self evaluation forms, information on group exercise sessions and physical fitness assessments, and links to health related websites.

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Why do I have to bring a clean towel and put it in between me and the equipment or bench I am using?

Hygiene and cleanliness are a top priority in the Life Fitness Center. The prevention of staph infection is a primary concern. Each student must have his or her own towel, we do not allow students to share towels. A towel must be placed in between you and the equipment you are working with while you are in the Life Fitness Center. In addition, upholstery on the equipment absorbs perspiration, body oil, as well as skin and hair care products. All of these things create unnecessary wear and tear on the upholstery. In addition, we highly recommend that students wash their hands before and after using the Life Fitness Center. If you have any open wounds, cuts, or scraps, these must be covered with appropriate dressing and clothing.

In addition, the LFC has a dress code that requires students to wear T-shirts with sleeves (no tank tops or sleeveless shirts) that also cover the abdomen, shorts or pants to the mid-thigh, and athletic shoes.

For more information on the spread of staph infection, please see: [ top ]

Why is the Life Fitness Center closed Monday through Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. to students enrolled in the Life Fitness Program?

The Life Fitness Center houses two types of Physical Education curriculum - the open lab formatted classes of the Life Fitness Program and traditionally formatted classes. The traditionally formatted classes meet at specific days and times with an instructor who teaches the class each session. Those classes (PE 143 Integrated Training for Fitness, PE 144 Weight Training) meet Mondays through Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. with their instructors. The LFC is open only to students enrolled in PE 143 Integrated Training for Fitness and PE 144 Weight Training classes during those hours. [ top ]


Can I use the Life Fitness Center if I enroll in any Physical Education class?

No, the only students allowed to use the Life Fitness Center are those who are enrolled in a Life Fitness Program class or one of the PE 144 classes. [ top ]

Can I exercise outside or run on the track when I'm logged in at the Life Fitness Center?

No, for your exercise hours to count towards your class attendance, you need to be supervised by our faculty, so your class exercise can only be done in the Life Fitness Center. [ top ]



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