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The Make Waves campaign initially launched in January 2015 with a collegial effort of faculty, staff, and administrators planning ways to make ISLO VI visible throughout the college. This campaign was the fruition of a faculty inquiry group (FIG) that began in summer of 2014 and continued work from fall 2014 to spring 2016 to implement methods of making SBCC’s ISLOs a stronger part of the college consciousness in order to better support student success. 

 Using the original name, “Make It Visible,” the group’s vision was to:

A. Build a sense of community.
B. Support student success.
C. Make educational outcomes visible.

Campaign Name
The name Make Waves as the unifying theme for the campaign derived from a campus-wide survey about language that represents key educational beliefs. With 699 employee responses and 1,430 student responses, the workgroup had significant data to recommend a unifying theme for the campaign. More than 80% of employee and student respondents answered positively in response to the “Waves” theme. 

Committee Members
The Make Waves Committee is composed of faculty, staff, and administrators: Paloma Arnold, Priscilla Butler, Sally Gill, Katie Laris, Kimberly Monda, Alice Perez, and Laurie Vasquez. Other contributors include Jennifer Maupin, Kathy O'Connor, Anna Parmely, and the Academic Senate. 

Thank you to the President's Foundation Award for generous funding of this project.

Other Faculty Projects
For information about how to start your own project, contact the Project Chair, Priscilla Butler (butler @sbcc.edu; x3619).

. . . And don't forget to Make Waves!

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