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Enhance your Wellness

Wellness Wheel

Social wellness:

Check out our list of Something to Do with friends or get involved with student programs and activities on campus.

Physical Wellness:

Free / low cost Health and Wellness services are available on campus in the Student Services Building!  Visit the local Farmer’s Markets for fresh, delicious food, or think about how you can make the beach, stadium stairs, or a class through the Life Fitness Center work for you.

Intellectual wellness:             

Check out UCSB’s Arts & Lecture Series or The Independent for current happenings!  Connect with the Career Center to explore your interests and strengths.
Emotional wellness:              
Explore healthy ways of dealing with stress, like checking out meditation in the Luria Library, learning relaxation breathing. Take a yoga class or talk with a personal counselor about stress management skills or dealing with difficult issues in your life.

Spiritual wellness:               

Explore your purpose and belief systems, take a walk through the Lifescape Gardens on lower East Campus, take a religious studies course, or give a yoga class a try. 

Environmental Wellness:       

Find out more about the sustainability projects on campus, “green” projects (The Sustainability Project) in our community or about SBCC’s carpool matchlink service.

Take a wellness quiz from Simon Fraser University  

Sources: Adapted from UC Davis Student Health Services and
Simon Fraser University Health and Counseling Services

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