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Effective January 1, 2016 the Campus Store will no longer be accepting transfers from departments to bookstore accounts.  Existing Bookstore Accounts will be eliminated by March 31, 2016. 

All supply purchases should be made using your district credit card.  If you do not have a district credit card, please have your Dean/VP request a card from Cyndi Rogers in Accounting.



Complete the budget transfer request form

To follow up a budget transfer please send an email and include the following information with the above form:

All budget transfers need to be emailed to the department Dean/VP for approval,
then forwarded to: Assistant Controller (James Zavas), or Categorical Accounting Technician for grants (Tonya Yescas). 
Copy to: Accountant (Lisa Saunders) and your department Dean.


Take checks or cash to the Cashier's Office, located in the Student Services Building - SS150. On the check, please note the account number to be credited/deposited to.

If you have a check for:

Retiree Payments:
Please take these checks to the Cashiers Office, located in the Student Services Building - SS150.

CNA Testing Payments:
Please take these checks to the Regional Health Occupation Resource Center located in the ECOC -1 Building - Rm 10.

Child Care Payments:
Please take these checks to the Cashiers Office, located in the Student Services Building - SS150.

Continuing Education:
All monies need to be delivered to the appropriate front office location with the appropriate documentation (which includes account number).


For confirming purchases (not including equipment):
Check your funds available online at Funds Inquiry or Expenditure Status Report in the SBCC Financial Reports. 
Attach your confirming invoice.
Have the form signed by your authorized Department Chair, Dean, or Vice President.
Forward the completed, signed Requisition Form to Carlene Barrows in the Accounting Department.

Use Consultant Form

Use Employee Reimbursement Certification Form

Instructions for Employee Reimbursement Certification Form

Forms can be picked up in the Accounting Office  A130, printed from the SBCC website, or Continuing Ed Schott's Center. 
Please complete the form, attach all original receipts, and submit to Accounting Office, A130 or Continuing Ed Schott Center. Please tape all receipts to a full 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Please remember to include an account number and an authorized district signature. Any incomplete forms will be returned for corrections, which will delay your reimbursement.

For the Direct Deposit Form, visit the forms page under Fiscal Services on the SBCC website.


An expense made or charged to one account that needs to be transferred to another account is called an Expense Transfer.

To initiate an Expense Transfer:
Email to: James Zavas (Assistant Controller)
Copy to : Lisa Saunders (Accountant)
Note the Account number that you would like the expense to be transferred from, Account number that you would like the expense to be transferred to,  
Amount of transfer, and a brief description.


For purchases to be ordered by the purchasing department (including equipment):

Check your funds available online at Funds Inquiry or Expenditure Status Reports in SBCC Financial Reports.
Complete a Requisition Form.
Have the form signed by your authorized department chair, Dean, or Vice President.
Forward the completed, signed Requisition Form to the Purchasing Department.

Use Mileage Reimbursement Claim

Instructions for Mileage Reimbursement Form

Forms can be picked up in the Accounting Office, A130, or printed from SBCC website under Fiscal Service.
Please complete the form and submit it to Accounting. Please remember to include an account number and an authorized district signature.
Mileage Rate $.58 per mile (effective 1/1/2019)
All mileage must be pre-approved by your supervisor. Your mileage begins and ends at place of employment.
SBCC mileage reimbursement rate coincides with IRS handbook rules.


Use Student Request Refund Form

Where to get student refund forms:

  1. To get a Student Refund form, you must first complete an Add/Drop card and submit it to Admissions. NOTE: Submitting a Student Refund form does NOT drop you from classes. In order to receive a full refund, less a $10 processing fee, you must submit both the Add/Drop card and the Student Refund form before the deadline. It is a good idea to make a note of Add/Drop deadlines when you register.
  2. If you are a Financial Aid recipient, you should contact the Financial Aid office for information on requirements and qualifications unique to Financial Aid students applying for a student refund.

How to fill out your student refund form:

  1. When filling out your Student Refund form, please be sure to give accurate and complete address information, including apartment or unit numbers when applicable. The Post Office will return any mail with an incomplete address.
  2. Please type or print in ink when filling out your form. An illegible form may delay processing of your refund.
  3. It's a good idea to keep a copy of your refund form, in case you have a question later.

What to do with your completed student refund form:

  1. Once you have completed your Student Refund form, put it in the Drop Box directly across from the Cashier's Office.
  2. If you are a Financial Aid recipient, return your completed Student Refund form to the Financial Aid Office to be Processed

How to get a refund if you have dropped classes or withdrawn from school:

  1. If you have not received your refund, or if you need to change your mailing address, call 965-0581 extension 2441. PLEASE NOTE: You must make address changes directly to the Accounting Office. Changes made in Admissions or Financial Aid cannot be forwarded.
  2. If you have received your refund and have a question about the amount, please call 805-965-0581 extension 2397.
  3. If you are a Financial Aid recipient and have a question about your Student Refund, please call 965-0581 extension 2716.

Some things to be aware of:

  1. If you are requesting a refund for a complete drop, and you return your completed form before the beginning of the current semester, your full refund, less a $10 processing fee, will be mailed to you five to six weeks after the Add/Drop deadline.
  2. If you are requesting a refund for a partial drop, and you return your completed form before the beginning of the current semester, your enrollment refund, less a $10 processing fee, will be mailed to you five to six weeks after the Add/Drop deadline.
  3. If you are requesting a refund for a complete or partial drop, and you return your completed form before the Add/Drop deadline, your enrollment refund, less a $10 processing fee, will be mailed you five to six weeks after the Add/Drop deadline.
  4. If your class is canceled by the College, you must still apply for a refund.
  5. If you move before receiving your refund, you must change your address in the Accounting Office. We are not responsible for misdirected refunds due to inaccurate or incomplete information.

    Continuing Education:

    Student Refunds for registration fees will be granted if submitted in writing as noted below:

    If a class with fees is cancelled at either the first or second session, registered students who attend the first or second class session and whose names appear on the sign-in sheet for that session, will receive refunds, or a credit voucher, providing a refund request form is submitted to the office. This refund policy does not extend to classes that are cancelled after the second week. Fee refunds for classes (other than fees for non-refundable classes/services listed below*), will be granted as follows:

    COURSES WITH MATERIALS FEES and/or ENROLLMENT FEES (TUITION FEES): students may request a refund (or credit voucher) in writing, five working days before the first class meeting.  If a student requests a refund or credit voucher after the 5-day grace period, but before the second class meeting, they may do so, but there will be a $ 10.00 administrative fee.  If an enrollment fee class meets the minimum enrollment of 17 people by the second meeting, that class will not be canceled due to low attendance after that time.

    BOOK REFUNDS: Refunds are available within one week of the purchase date for the books purchased through the Schott and Wake Center bookstores. The receipt must be presented, and the book must be in new condition (i.e. without marks, bent corners or writing in it).  Books purchased for one-day and two-day workshops and events are not returnable.

    *NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE at any time for the following classes and services: Food and/or cooking classes; CEU certification; GED testing; test scoring; special events; one-day and two-day workshops; day trips; performance and theatre tickets; reading fees; and meals.

    NOTE: Students will receive a full refund of fees if the College cancels a class before it begins.  However, if a class is cancelled during the term due to low attendance, no refund will be given.

    REFUND PROCEDURE: All refunds requests must be submitted in writing to the Schott or Wake Center front office by the deadlines noted above.  Exceptions to the above procedures will be considered only by written request submitted to the Vice President, Continuing Education, at the Schott Center office.  Decisions on exception requests will be made by a committee.  Please allow up to three weeks for processing of all approved refund requests.



Complete the below two items:

Travel and Conference Form

Travel and Conference Procedure

Instructions for Travel & Conference Form:

  • Forms can be picked up in the Accounting Office, A130 or download the form from the SBCC website under Fiscal Services.
  • Please fill out the top portion of the T&C form and submit to the Accounting Office before travel. If conference fees need to be paid in advance, please circle 'yes' in the cost estimate column and attach registration form to T&C form.
  • Please complete the lower portion of the attached form and submit to the Accounting Office immediately upon returning from the conference.
  1. Complete one line for each day of conference attendance including the date, all expenses incurred (including those paid in advance) and the daily total. Itemize meals, transportation, lodging, fees, and other costs by day.
  2. Deduct any amount charged to the school credit card on the 'Less Amount Charged' line. Please indicate the items charged with an asterisk.
  3. Show in the TOTAL block the amount reimbursable to you; SIGN on the claimant's signature line, and date.
  4. Attached all required receipts for hotel, registration, car rentals, parking fees, etc. If in doubt, get a receipt. Please keep a copy of the T&C form for your records.
  • Reimbursement will be processed within three weeks if all information is submitted correctly.
  • Air travel reservations can be made through Your Travel Center or your own travel agency.
  • Do not request mileage reimbursement if a district vehicle is used. Departments are charged $.75 per mile for district vehicles.
  • Per Diem Rates (Effective 3/1/13)
  1. Mileage - $ .535 per mile
  2. Meals Breakfast - $13 Lunch - $17 Dinner - $36 (Per Diem total $66)
    If a meal is provided by the conference, the per diem rate does not apply for those meals.
  3. Lodging - Requests for accommodations can be made at the hotel that is hosting the conference or another hotel with reasonable rates.
  • If the conference is cancelled or you do not attend, you must return the request form in order to credit your account.
  • Complete the upper portion of the Travel and Conference Request Form with approval signatures. (Obtain Travel and Conference Request Form from Accounting Office, Room A130.)
    Send the Travel and Conference Request Form to Accounts Payable Department as soon as possible prior to actual travel. (Form will be returned to you after funds/account number(s) are checked.)
  • Use a travel & conference account code for all travel expenses (i.e. 522000)
  • Obtain itemized receipts for all travel expenses including taxis, shuttles, and parking.
  • District policy prohibits reimbursement for movies, personal phone calls, alcoholic beverages. Employee needs to reimburse the district (SBCC) for these expenses.
  • Complete lower portion of Travel and Conference Request Form when travel/conference is finished. Itemize all expenses, including credit card receipts, in the lower portion of the travel and conference request form.
    All out of pocket cash expenses (with original receipts) will be reimbursed using the Travel and Conference Request Form. Return completed Travel and Conference Request Form to Accounts Payable Department for reimbursement


Applying for a District Credit Card for Faculty and Staff

Purpose & Scope

The purposes of using District Credit Cards include:

  • The District issues credit cards to employees whenever there is sufficient benefit to the District.
  • Reducing net processing costs, especially for small dollar transactions, while streamlining and maintaining accounting and reporting controls.
  • Supporting vendors and improving relations for vendors preferring credit card payment.
  • In order to expedite the purchase and accounting of low cost and frequently needed items.

Provisions and Definitions

  • This procedure is applicable to all employees of Santa Barbara City College who receive a District Credit Card. District Credit Cards are issued to designated employees at the discretion of management and can be revoked at any time for any reason. The card will be revoked for the following reasons:
    • The card is used for personal or unauthorized purposes.
    • The card is used to purchase alcoholic beverages or any substance, material, or service which violates policy, law, or regulation pertaining to the District.
    • The cardholder splits a purchase to circumvent a purchase limit assigned to the card.
    • The cardholder uses another cardholder's card to circumvent a purchase limit assigned to either cardholder.
    • The cardholder accepts a personal gratuity from a vendor.
    • The cardholder fails to provide the approving official with information about any specific purchase.
    • The cardholder fails to provide documentation confirming that charges are approved by the 14th of the month following the close of the billing cycle more than one time in any 12 month period.  The first instance will result in a 60 day suspension of all card privileges.  The card will be revoked if the statement is late another time in a twelve month period.
    • The cardholder fails to provide accounting with the complete account information necessary to record a purchase appropriately. The complete account information consists of a 5 digit Fund Code, a 4 digit Organization Code, a 6 digit Account Code, and a 6 digit Program Code, an Activity and or Location Code may also be require
    • The cardholder does not adhere to any of the procurement card policy and procedure

  • It is the responsibility of both the employee and the employee’s manager to ensure compliance with all procedures.  Expense Statements will be audited by the Finance department internal auditors, and may be subject to examination by outside auditor
  • The credit card is the property of the bank, and it may at any time revoke card privileges under the provisions of its policies and procedures.




Statements are due in Accounting by the 14th of the month.  The statement you receive will say “Memo Statement Only” Do Not Remit Payment, in the upper right hand corner.   This is the statement that you will staple your receipts to, have your Manager approve/sign and then turn into Accounting.  The credit card billing cycle closes between the 22nd and the 24th of each month with the statements due to Accounting by the 14th of the following month.  For example, the billing cycle for January closed on 1/22/2013, and was due in Accounting by the end of business on Thursday, February 14, 2013.

Please submit your statements to your Approving Manager by the 10th of the month to ensure that they can be delivered to Accounting on time.  If your Approving Manager is not available for some reason please submit your statement to Lyndsay Maas, Controller.   If you are not going to be available to process your statement you must make arrangements for them to be submitted to Accounting in a timely manner.  This is especially important at the end of a quarter and fiscal year (September, December, March and June) when quarterly reports are due to the Board of Trustees.  We are aware that many Card Holders are not on campus during school breaks, if you are not going to be able to process your credit card statement, please refrain from using it.  If you are late one time in a 12-month period, your card will be suspended for two months. If you are late another time, the card will be permanently revoked.

If you do not receive your statement, please contact Cyndi Rogers by phone at 805-730-8775 or via e-mail at If Cyndi is not available, contact Lyndsay Maas at They can get you an electronic copy in PDF format, which will be e-mailed to you.


Original receipts are to be turned in with your statement for each of the charges.  Auditors require original receipts.  For meals, you must tender the itemized meal receipt not just the credit card signature slip. If you have lost or did not receive a receipt you must fill out a “Missing Receipts” form.  However, this form is meant to be used for the occasional occurrence of a lost receipt. Repeated use of the form will jeopardize your right to hold a District Card.

Prohibited expenses include cash advances, consultants, personal services, personal (non-SBCC related) expenses, capital outlay purchases (such as computer equipment, and alcohol (including on meal reimbursements). Such purchases must be repaid to the college and are grounds for corrective action up to and including permanent card suspension and termination.


Each charge needs a full account number for the expense including the Fund, Org/Cost Center, Account, and Program.  Some expenses also have an Activity number. 

Example Account Number: 12245 4074 431000 601000

  • Fund:  A five-digit number (ex. 12245) which references the fund that the money is coming out of to cover the expense.
  • Org/Cost Center: A four-digit number that references the Cost Center to which the expense is being attributed (ex. 4074).
  • Account: A six-digit number that references specific items such as payroll, instructional supplies, travel/conference, etc. (ex. 431000).
  • Program: A six-digit number that references specific programs (601000).

Common accounts are: Instructional Supplies 431000; Non-Instructional Supplies 451000; Printing/Duplicating 4312000; Travel/Conference 522000; Meeting Expense 528000; Membership 531000; Other Contracts 5662000; Postage 584000; Advertising/Marketing 585000; Campus Events 585005. (For IT only: Computer Equip 644861; Instructional Computer Equip 644896)


Each statement needs two signatures, the Cardholder’s signature on the top left side and the Approving Manager’s signature on the top right side.  The Statement is not considered complete until all of the receipts and signatures have been obtained. Accounting cannot post any of the credit card expenses until we have account numbers for each charge on the master bill. In these times of budget constraints many people are keeping a close eye on their expenses and available budget


If you discover that your card has been used fraudulently or if your card is lost or stolen you will need to contact Customer Service at 800-344-5696.  The Card Holder must make this call. USBank (the credit card provider) will not allow anyone except the Card Holder to report fraudulent charges or to make changes to the name (in case of a name change). Note: The card is not tied to your personal Social Security number, it is connected to you K-number, so have that on hand when calling the bank.

SBCC has a dedicated phone number tied to all credit cards.  The number that is associated with the credit card is: 805-730-8775. If you are calling the USBank for issues with your card you will need this phone number.

Note: If you are traveling on SBCC business, particularly internationally, it is your responsibility to notify the bank prior to travel to avoid a false fraud hold on your card.


Please sign and date the use agreement and return to Cyndi Rogers in Accounting upon receipt of your district card. Failure to sign this form will result in your credit card being revoked. Retain this document for your reference.

District Credit Cards are a privilege and not a right. We thank you for your diligence in adhering to these procedures as it facilitates the on-going accessibility of this privilege.  

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