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Work Experience

General Work Experience is administered out of the Career Center. The General Work Experience 290 courses are supervised employment intended to assist students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes and career awareness.  The employment need not be related to a student's educational goal.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is General Work Experience 290? 
General Work Experience 290 is a Credit/No Credit course designed to assist students in acquiring and improving good work habits, attitudes and career awareness in actual job settings. Students must have a volunteer or paid employment position prior to enrolling in the course. Jobs held by students do not need to be related to their educational goals or college major. Students may use hours from two separate jobs as long as all required paperwork is completed for both sites.

2. How long is the Work Experience class? 
General Work Experience 290 courses start at two different times during the semester. Students have the option of enrolling in full-semester length courses or enrolling in the short courses. For both the full semester course and the short course, students may count the number of hours worked starting from the first day of the semester. Course requirements and assignments are identical for full-semester courses and short courses. Summer school sessions are six weeks long and all of the hours are required to be completed during those six weeks. The syllabus can be picked up from the Career Center or downloaded from your Canvas page.

3. How many units can I enroll in for Work Experience? 
Units are based on the number of hours you work during the semester. You must complete your hours in order to receive credit for this course. If by the withdrawal date for the course you anticipate you will not complete the necessary hours, you have the option of dropping the course and adding a short course for a lower number of units. Students can take up to 6 total units while attending SBCC.

4. How many hours do I have to work or volunteer? 
The hours you can commit to working during the semester (16 weeks per semester or 6 weeks per summer school session) determines how many units you can enroll in. Hours and units are noted below. Fewer hours are required per unit for volunteer/internship (un-paid) hours.
1 unit = 75 work hours or (60 volunteer hours)
2 units = 150 or (120)
3 units = 225 or (180)

5. How many class meetings am I required to attend? 
This is a self-paced course with no weekly meetings.  Your instructor will email you weekly with assignment information and deadlines.  

6. How do I register for this class? 
You must register through your Pipeline account or go to Admissions & Records. In Pipeline, find General Work Experience 290 and select the course and the section you want based on the number of units and hours you can commit to completing. Remember that you cannot change your section or units once the last day to add has passed, so be careful to estimate how many hours you can realistically complete.

7. What if I don't pass this class? 
This is a Pass/No Pass class. Students who don't pass may have it negatively effect their financial aid requirement. For more information on this, please ask your Financial Aid Advisor.

8. Do I have to work in the field that I'm majoring in? 
No. Your work or internship hours can be completed anywhere and this class is meant to improve your workplace skills and communication with your employer.

9. How much does it cost to enroll in this class? 
Students will pay the normal tuition price per unit and International students will pay the international student price per unit. Tuition costs change each year, so please talk with the Cashier's Office about this.


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