Awards and Recognitions




Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, Aspen Institute

2013- Co-winner (for outstanding achievement in student outcomes in completion, labor market, learning and equity)

2011- Top Ten finalist  

American Library Association

2011- Excellence in Academic libraries' national winner in community college category (for focus on community outreach and student learning)  

Excelencia in Education

2014 - Express to Success Program (ESP)

2010 - National finalist for Transfer Achievement Program in category of Examples of Excelencia at the Associate level (for accelerating Latino student success in higher education)  

Association of Community Colleges Trustees' William H. Meardy Faculty Award

2001-2002 -  Dr. Jody Millward (national recipient)

2005-2006 - Laurie Vasquez (Pacific region recipient)

2007-2008 -  Dr. Karolyn Hanna (Pacific region recipient)  

Chapter of the Year 

2013 - 2014 - SBCC's Alpha Beta Chapter of the Sigma Chi Eta Communication Honor Society

2009           - SBCC's Alpha Beta Chapter of the Sigma Chi Eta Communication Honor Society



Academic Senate for California Community Colleges' Exemplary Program Awards

1992 - 1993 - Cooperative Agencies Resource for Education

1995 - 1996 - Multicultural English Transfer

1998 - 1999 - Marine Diving Technology

2003 - 2004 - Gateway to Success (program started as student success initiative)

2004 - 2005 - Running Start (EOPS Summer Bridge Program for at-risk high school students to acclimate them to college environment)

2009 - 2010 - Partnership for Student Success 

2017 - 2018 - Express to Success Program 


Academic Senate for California Community Colleges' Hayward Award for Excellence in Education

1992 - 1993 - Cecilia Kuster 

1993 - 1994 - Dr. Karolyn Hanna

1996 - 1997 - Dr. Peter Georgakis

1998 - 1999 - Dr. Janet Shapiro

2001 - 2002 - Kathy O'Connor

2004 - 2005 - Dr. Peter Haslund

2006 - 2007 - Dr. John Kay 

2014 -         - Jody Millward, Ph.D.  


California Community Colleges' Chancellor's Award for best Practices in Student Equity

2012 - SBCC Express to Success Program (accelerated curriculum with special support services for primarily underrepresented students to complete their two-year associates' degrees or transfer within three years)


Association of Community and Continuing Education

2012 - State Award for Model Program Excellence to SBCC Continuing Education Division (for Achieving the Vision for Continuing Education Task Force work)

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges' Regina Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award

2001 - 2002 - Dr. Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar (for support of curriculum, programs, clubs and extracurricular activities geared to underrepresented students such as Middle Eastern Studies Club)

2009 - 2010 - Dr. Nicholas Arnold (for support of programs in the sciences geared toward underrepresented students such as MESA and INSET)

2010 - 2011 - Kathy Molloy (for role in developing students success initiatives such as Partnership for Student Success and express to Success)


California Community Colleges' Board of Governors Dr. John W, Rice Diversity and Equity Award

2009 - 2010 - Dr. Nicholas Arnold (faculty - for support of programs in the sciences geared toward underrepresented students such as MESA and INSET)

2010 - 2011 - Ignacio Ponce (faculty - for support of curriculum, programs and extracurricular activities for teaching American Sign Language and issues of deaf community)

2010 - 2011 - Veterans Support Program (coordinator Magdalena Torres - for support of veterans both college and military related)

2011 - 2012 - EOPS Summer Bridge Transitions Program (for recently released incarcerated inmates who are acclimating or re-acclimating to the college environment)


Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Professor of the Year Award

2013 - Dr. Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar, Ph.D. - named California Professor of the Year


Technology Leadership Award  by the California Community Colleges  Chancellor's Office and the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges

2013 - Paul Bishop, Ph.D.














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